Ad Hoc (ăd hŏk)

1a : concerned with a particular end or purpose

1b : formed or used for specific or immediate problems or needs

2: fashioned from whatever is immediately available

Festival Dates: September 6-7, 2014

Festival Location: 12731 Smokes Road, Arlington, WA 98223

Individual Artists: Michael Alm, Megumi Shauna Arai, Wyly Astley, John Boylan, Carey Christie, Sena Clara Creston, Emily Eddy-Ktorium, Joselynn T. Engstrom, Devin Ensz, Kristin Hapke | tindance, Tia Kramer, Kristi Krein, Sarah Fansler Lavin, Eric Olson + Michelle Peñaloza, Kristen T. Ramirez, Justin Roberts, Queen Shmooquan, Rebekah Slavin, Evangeline Spracklin + Kyle Croft, Tim Smith-Stewart, ilvs strauss + David Hrivnak, Janna Wachter, Sophia Wheelwright

Artist Groups: Acme Corp, Tanya Brno + Downriver Windchime Ensemble, The Bucharest Drinking Team, Cabbage Tree Mob, Adria Garcia + Sarah Kavage + Pods, Rachel Green – Salo –Danielle Blackwell, Kristin Hapke | tindance, Light Table Design Collective, Anne Mathews + Robb Kunz + guests, Moonshine Revival Tent, Mark Shepherd + Kaleidosaur

Tickets: We will post a link on this page to the Stranger Tickets site where tickets can be purchased. Tickets are $30/person and $20/vehicle. Children under 12 come for free.

Food: We will have several food trucks, local produce and some culinary guest stars for the festival, so bring cash! We will also provide grills and charcoal for those who wish to cook their own food.

Venue: Smoke Farm is a 360-acre former dairy farm in a serene river valley outside Arlington, WA. The Farm focuses on supporting art, science, and philosophy through creative engagement and community work as a project of the Rubicon Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. The site includes a large open air barn, open grassy pastures, deciduous and coniferous forests, streams and cobbled beaches linked by paths, and a primitive road along the north fork of the Stillaguamish river.

Please visit the Lo Fi Facebook page for more information.

Proposal deadline was May 2014.

Applications have been reviewed by the 2014 curatorial team: Laura Becker, Jed Dunkerley, Teggart Edwards, Kate Fernandez, Melanie Masson, Arne Pihl, and Timothy Stackpole.