Lo Fi Not to Scale 2011 at Smoke Farm

The Lo Fi Festival Vision: A 24 hour exploration of installation, performance, and interaction with the Farm which seeks to seed the Farm with narrative and inquiry about place and our use of landscape; providing an unusual opportunity for artists to work in expansive ways within a specific site.

The Smoke Farm Venue: As the Farm is invested in conservation and habitat restoration as part of its mission, a lo-tech or no-tech, “pack-it-in, pack-it-out” ethos is central to our approach to the land. A 360 acre former dairy farm in a serene river valley situated outside Arlington, WA; Smoke Farm focuses on supporting art, science, and philosophy through creative engagement and community work in conjunction with Smoke Farm, a project of the Rubicon Foundation.

2014 curatorial team: Laura Becker, Jed Dunkerley, Teggart Edwards, Kate Fernandez, Melanie Masson, Arne Pihl, and Timothy Stackpole.

Lo Fi Arts Board of Directors:  Anne Blackburn, Jed Dunkerley, Teggart Edwards, Kate Fernandez de Leon, Mike Katell, Arne Pihl, and Jennifer Zeyl

Festival History:  In 2006, Rubicon began its series of wonderful, expansive and exciting art festivals at the Smoke Farm venue. The festivals uniquely support both artists and the Rubicon community. They provide artists a chance to work with a remarkable environment, creating a hearth for creative ideas, a forum for community feedback and support, and a beautiful platform for site-specific art, dance, sculpture, poetry, painting, and theater. Then, open to everyone, they allow a great opportunity for a family or student to get away from the city for a day, and greet the farm. After a day’s meandering through trees studded with sculpture, dancers in the tall grass, and paintings on the trail, the attendees, artists, and volunteers alike are invited to sit down for a beautiful meal and enormous bonfire.

2006: Secret of Gold | 2007: Pataphysical New Year | 2008: Interstitial Heroes | 2009: Lo-Fi 
2011: Not to Scale | 2012: Farm Time | 2013 Must be Present to WIN!

The Rubicon Foundation of Seattle, Washington, is a 501(c)(3) that seeks to provide unique educational experiences for King and Snohomish Counties. Our mission is to bring together diverse groups of individuals at our rural farm venue Smoke Farm to explore art, science and philosophy through creative projects and to discover the potential of community work.

Address:  12731 Smokes Road, Arlington, WA   MAP