Ad Hoc (ăd hŏk)

1a :  concerned with a particular end or purpose

1b :  formed or used for specific or immediate problems or needs

2:  fashioned from whatever is immediately available


Lo Fi Arts is seeking artists to propose site-specific work designed for a natural outdoor landscape, without access to external power or incurring permanent disruptions to the land, exhibited as part of Lo Fi Arts’ annual event at Smoke Farm on September 6-7th, 2014.  All installation and performance media welcome (i.e. visual, sculpture, theater, dance, music, and literary arts).  The lo-tech or no tech, pack it in, pack it out ethos is central to our approach, and should definitely inform how you choose to respond to the land.

Artists who are selected to participate will be invited to attend a residency from June 23rd – 29th, 2014.  Not only will this allow an opportunity for creative growth, collaboration and concept development, it will also allow new artists to establish a relationship with the land.   Participating artists are required to attend at least one site visit prior to the event in September.  Independent site visits will be arranged after notification of selection.

In keeping with previous years, artists will participate on a volunteer basis.  However, we are excited to announce that several artists will be selected to receive honoraria in 2015 based on the strength of their participation in the 2014 Lo Fi residency program and the merit of their work at the 2014 Lo Fi Arts event.  These artists will be selected by the 2014 Lo Fi curatorial team, and will create work that will be completed at the 2015 residency and remain installed at Smoke Farm throughout the 2015 summer season.

New to Lo Fi Arts or Smoke Farm, and curious about what happens here?  The conditions of the event are informed by the philosophies that are embraced by Smoke Farm.  We are seeking artists who are interested in responding to the site, and some familiarity with the farm will lend to a stronger proposal. We want to encourage new and emerging artists to apply, for we recognize that fresh eyes and ideas can seed great works alongside seasoned artists in this expansive landscape. Your proposal should address site, but should also be an extension of your own work.  We want your artwork to succeed and it should be well aligned with your intended proposal. The curatorial team will be working closely with artists to vet site placement, appropriate materials, overall feasibility and relevance of the project.


Not your first time at the Lo Fi rodeo?  We want you, too!  You may have been stewing on ideas since your last time at Lo Fi, and we cannot wait to hear them!


Smoke Farm is a 360-acre former dairy farm in a serene river valley outside Arlington, WA.   The Farm focuses on supporting art, science, and philosophy through creative engagement and community work as a project of the Rubicon Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.  The site includes a large open air barn, open grassy pastures, deciduous and coniferous forests, streams and cobbled beaches linked by paths, and a primitive road along the north fork of the Stillaguamish river.


Submission and FAQ

Please visit the Lo Fi Facebook page for more information.  You can access the submission form here.

Applications will be reviewed by the 2014 curatorial team: Laura Becker, Jed Dunkerley, Teggart Edwards, Kate Fernandez, Melanie Masson, Arne Pihl, and Timothy Stackpole.


Proposal Deadline:

11pm PST on April 18th, 2014

Selected artists will be notified no later than May 1, 2014.