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Please visit the Lo Fi Facebook page for more information.  You can access the submission form here.

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 Things to Consider

  1. The scale of your work in relationship to the site – it’s a BIG place
  2. The natural conditions of the site and how they vary
  3. The safety of visitors, farm staff, and yourself
  4. Your impact on the land and structures of the farm
  5. Your ability to fully realize your project with your own tools, resources, and power, with a working knowledge of the site you have chosen
  6. Remember that it may be sunny one day and rainy the next, shoes off or sweaters on, high river or low.  Proposals that do not depend on specific conditions for creation or completion are more likely to succeed.

Examples of Successful Work

An installation of rocks on the beach sorted by color
Battery-powered motion-sensitive nighttime light installation along the path to the beach

A wandering musician interacting with other performers and visitors
A piano in a grove of trees played by a rotating group of musicians


Smoke Farm is an entirely volunteer based collective. Artists are responsible for their own materials and tools, and we are unable to award any funds to participating artists.

However, all participating artists receive a complimentary ticket for the festival and are invited to a complimentary appreciation dinner at the farm.  You have our heartfelt thanks for contributing your work to our festival and enriching the life of the farm and our local art community.

Questions?  Email us.